Public Education Matters

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign last spring; we put education issues at the forefront of the election conversation.  Over 1,500 Albertans signed the SOS letter to stop proposed budget cuts to public education and joined our website campaign sending letters to their MLAs and the four provincial party leaders.  Thank you!  Your voice was heard, and last May, the incoming provincial government halted the budget cuts and restored funding for the 2015-2016 school year.  At SOS Alberta our goal is to keep our voice strong by staying connected with each other.  Let’s support our students; like us on facebook, and send us a tweet so we can let the provincial government hear what Albertans are saying about education.

If you are just joining the SOS cause, here are some FAQs:

Who are we?    We are you.  We are a grassroots organization of parents working to support public education in Alberta’s English, French, and Catholic Schools.  We are independent and nonpartisan, and we do not receive any funding.

What do we stand for?    We stand for equal access to quality public education for all students in Alberta.

What are our top three concerns?    Reducing school fees for families, decreasing class sizes, and increasing overall per-student funding in Alberta.

The 2015-2016 school year is underway, and there is a new provincial budget on the horizon.  We want to hear from you.  What does your community school looks like this year?

• What are class sizes at your child’s school?

• Are your child’s school fees higher, or lower this year?

• Does your school have specialist or resource teachers this year?


Share the SOS newsletter and website with friends, family, and your school council.  Let us know about your experiences, or if you have any other concerns about public education in Alberta.  We want to hear what your community school looks like.  Tell us what’s good, tell us what’s bad; let’s learn from each other, so we can help each other.  Thanks for supporting our students!