School Trustee Candidate Pledge

For many Albertans creating safe and inclusive spaces in Alberta schools is a very important issue that will inform how they will cast their vote when voting in the upcoming school board elections. A key component to this decision is how local trustee candidates support human rights, GSA(Gay Straight Alliances) and how they respect the confidentiality of students. For many Albertans protecting these things are non-negotiable.

We are asking that trustee candidates take this pledge to state publicly that they support safe, caring, and inclusive school environments that respect and protect LGBTQ2 youth. Those trustee candidates that take the pledge will have their name published here on our website so that citizens can see for themselves which local candidates are committed to Alberta children by protecting their privacy and upholding their human rights.

Please share this pledge with all your local school board trustee candidates. Candidates can agree to this pledge by emailing us their details (name, school board, city, ward/zone)  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

*Please note signing this pledge is strictly about confirming for Alberta voters a commitment by trustee candidates to the points listed in pledge below, and is not an indication of support for SOS Alberta initiatives.

List of Candidates Who’ve Pledged
















2 thoughts on “School Trustee Candidate Pledge”

  1. SOS Alberta, please continue the important work that you do! Inclusivity is paramount!

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