One thought on “Our Schools/Our Selves – Winter 2018 -Recommitting to Public Education in Alberta”

  1. Non political ideological charities should not identify with think tank economic boards associated with right and left tax policies as they will defeat the goal of ending charitable tax favourism by federal governments permission to register tax planning tort contracted spaces as legitimate provincial education k-12 spaces. This is the social structure that permit the elite world citizens to run elite schools, in Alberta and all over, at considerable costs to private ITA and local electors, who are used as a public funding source to subsidize the taxes of their donors and private users, through both direct taxation by provincial grants and indirect taxation by permitting the private and tort to claim charitable status federally under a legal Mistake of Law, ta law and charitable divisions of powers between our competing public fiduciaries regarding collecting for ITA k-12 facility federal exempted charitable equal public and private school boards.

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