Call to Review Alberta’s Education Funding Model

Silva and Blasetti: NDP needs to review how it funds schools

As we look toward a new provincial budget, conversations around private school funding are circulating again. Organizations aiming to protect public education and the public good are renewing their repeated ask to defund private schools and focus public tax dollars on public schools. We will continue to join this chorus, but we will deepen the request.

One thought on “Call to Review Alberta’s Education Funding Model”

  1. It’s funny, I would previously have been in support of the move to defund private schools, but it has become obvious that public education is its own worst enemy. We cannot be all thing to all people. Pretending otherwise is not productive-
    I believe we already have too many language-based schools and the boards stance on gender fluidity actually flies in the face of science. I am absolutely supportive of GTBTQ alliances and safe washrooms, however.
    I will be seriously considering transferring my taxes.

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