Education Issues Handbook 2019

Education Issues Handbook

The 2019 Provincial election is in full swing and we at SOSAB often hear from citizens who are unsure of what to ask their local candidates about education issues. And as we did during the 2017 Municipal Election we have created an Education Issues Handbook, compiling the major issues we have heard from citizens and from our own research as public education advocates. It is a dynamic document that citizens can use to start conversations with their local MLA candidates about public education. We would like to offer the space of our website for these conversations.

We are encouraging people to share the Handbook widely with friends and family, print it off and have it ready at the door for when candidates come knocking or take it with them to a candidate event.

Most importantly we would like people to add their own questions or perspectives. Every region in the province has a unique set of issues when it comes to public education and we would really like Albertans to share back with us and in turn share with other Albertans their thoughts or questions about what they think is important to Albertans when it comes to public education.

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