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17 years old, grade 12, Lethbridge School District

When I was 13 years old, I came out to my family and told them that I’m gay. I am very fortunate to have supportive family and friends.

At school I became a target for homophobic harassment by my peers. My parents and I contacted the administration at my high school about the harassment. My school took no actions to support or protect me after these incidents.

Starting a Gay-Straight alliance at my school was when everything changed. Knowing that there were other queer youth with the same potential to be a target of harassment at my school was the main reason I started my high school’s Gay-Straight alliance. With the complete lack of support from my school administration I felt disconnected and alienated at school. GSA became my main motivation and with this I felt I had a place and voice in my school. New opportunities began flowing into my life because of my GSA. I will forever be an advocate of GSA’s and the unlimited positivity they bring!

Alberta Resources:

The Alberta GSA Network is your one stop shop for all things GSA in Alberta. Resources for Students and Teachers:

Home – Alberta GSA Network

Gay-straight student alliances or queer-straight student alliances are student-run and teacher-supported school-based groups that work to create welcoming, caring, respectful and safe spaces for students of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations and their allies in schools.

Another great site for information on GSAs in Alberta –

the altView Foundation for Gender Variant and Sexual Minorities

You can now order altView shirts online! Proceeds from the sale of all shirts go directly to supporting GSAs in our province. Click Here to Order Your GSA Shirt Today! GSAs and QSAs are student-run groups for queer, trans and allied students. They are safer spaces for students to hang out and establish…

Alberta Education resources and information about legislation can be found here:

Gay-Straight Alliances

Information for students and school staff about gay-straight and queer-straight alliances to support LGBTQ students and their allies.

Guide for Teachers:

Gay Straight Alliances in Alberta Schools. A Guide for Teachers – ISMSS(The Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services)

Information from the ATA(Alberta Teacher’s Association) about GSA/QSA


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Welcome to the Calgary Sexual Health Centre

We have plenty of information and knowledgeable staff who can help you get to the next step. Whether that’s talking to a counsellor, booking an educator for a program, or g etting trained to talk to your clients or patients. Calgary Sexual Health Centre focuses on three areas: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Relationships and Healthy Communities.

Canada Resources: –

A Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is an official student club with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirited, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) and heterosexual student membership and one or two teachers who serve as faculty advisors. Students in a school with a GSA know that they have at least one or two adults they can talk to about …


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