Welcome to Support Our Students Alberta. We are a non-partisan, grassroots organization of Alberta citizens who advocate for equitable, accessible and quality public education in Alberta.

Support Our Students Alberta is the proud recipient of the Alberta Teacher’s Association Public Education Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Education & Public Interest Alberta’s 2017 Public Interest Award 


Every child has the right to an equitable, accessible and comprehensive education that is free from discrimination or financial burden.


Advocating for a public education system that is fair and equitable to all Alberta children regardless of ability, ethnicity, gender identity, geography or economic circumstance. A public system where funding keeps pace with growth and every child is supported in a healthy and secure learning environment.


Support our Students Alberta defines public education as a system free of barriers, financial or otherwise, that accepts ALL students and is 100% funded by government.

10 Strategies to Achieve Equitable Public Education

We would like the Alberta Government to redefine and recommit the government’s  responsibility to a more equitable public education system for all Alberta students.

  1. Make high quality early childhood education universal and accessible, leveling the playing field and closing the achievement gap for underprivileged children.
  2. Build schools as community engagement centres, comprehensive facilities where children and citizens can participate physically, intellectually and civically.
  3. Eliminate ALL barriers including all school-related fees (including, but not limited to, instructional materials, bussing, lunch supervision) and application procedures.
  4. All schools should have a full, inclusive, and balanced curriculum including but not limited to arts, music, science, history, language arts, additional languages, mathematics, and physical education.
  5. Reduce class sizes to bring them in line with the recommendations in the Alberta Learning Commission report of 2003 & provide adequate supports for classroom complexity.
  6. Integrate charter schools into public system, eliminating all fees and ability to deny access.
  7. Provide integrated services for students including medical and social services that help children keep up with advantaged peers.  One in six Alberta children live in poverty.
  8. Reduce emphasis on high stakes standardized testing. Provide alternative and more comprehensive criteria for measuring student success.
  9. Return to specialization for teachers at all grade levels.
  10. Recognize that public education is a public responsibility not a consumer good.  Its quality and accessibility should be equitable across the province.