Following the latest educational and child development research is a large component of what we do here at SOS Alberta. Below are a selection of links and resources we think highlight and support many of the issues facing today’s students. Feel free to comment and send us any links you would like to share.


Myths about education:

Learning and the brain: also talks about early learning (Berkeley University)

Learning and the brain: (American Psychological Association) focused on the development of the brain.  The “interventions” section is good

Video on brain and learning

Lots of research for brain and learning: Brain Rules (I have the audiobook)

Adolescent Development and learning (edutopia – also has other great resources)

Need for starting school later for adolescence.

Initial studies on learning

Brain and learning: This article talks about the areas of the brain that influence learning.  The hippocampus and amygdala which are also the emotional regulatory areas of the brain.  Links the importance of emotional regulation and learning.

Dr. Perry’s YouTube channel with  in-depth educational videos:

Most of Dr. Perry’s speeches are not published and he prefers to cite his books instead:

      -The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog: What Traumatized Children Teach Us

Sequential Neurodevelopment (how the brain learns) Dr. Bruce Perry

  • The brain is undeveloped at birth – the brain stem is almost all we have when we’re born
  • The brain organizes from the “bottom”  up  –  brain stem first, then up to cortex – and from the inside out.  So whatever harms the brain stem, multiples its effects through the rest of the brain.
  • Organization and functional capacity of neural systems is sequential
  • Experiences do not have equal “valence” throughout development. Earlier experiences have more weight

Core elements of positive developmental, educational & therapeutic experiences

  • Relational (safe)                                           
  • Relevant (developmentally- matched)‐
  • Repetitive (patterned)
  • Rewarding (pleasurable)
  • Rhythmic (resonant with neural patterns)     • Respectful (of child, family,culture)


Research on learning and brain knowledge (Dana Foundation):  Good information about current struggles with curriculum and how to integrate research of brain development to teaching. Support for music and art

Music and learning

Arts/music and positive brain development and learning:


Running and learning (support for exercise)


General benefits of learning language


Research on the results of reading on the brain


Overview on how to keep attention and strategies for attention


Report on the quality of education to become a teacher


Alberta Mental Health Review 2015

Immigrant and Refugee Youth in Alberta Challenge and Resilience

Alberta’s Commission on Learning


Canadian comparison for education:

Demographics across Canada


High School Completion rates across Canada

Report card for Canadian education 2015.  It’s great news

More stats on education and drop-out

International Statistics


Nutritions and healthy eating curriculum

Different curriculums for healthy eating and nutrition in schools (US Government Department of Health)

Yoga and Mindfulness

Talks about self awareness building through yoga

Community Engagement in Education

Pathways to Education

Magnolia Place – strongly favored by United Way for vulnerable communities because there is a strong Education component

First 2000 Days Network – collaborative working to link, leverage and influence early childhood readiness for learning