Annual School Survey


How is our school library staffed?

Do we have a specialist music teacher available at our school?

Are there resources available for the special education students?

How many custodians work at the school?

These are the some of the questions we hope to answer!  

On November 1, 2016 we launched our first Annual Alberta School Survey. In consultation with People For Education who distribute a similar survey in Ontario, SOS AB has created and sent out  our own survey to all publicly funded bricks and mortars schools in Alberta. And we are pleased to continue our survey for 2017

We know what resources children need to access a quality, rich and diverse education. We know a clean school, a comprehensive music and PE program, access to special education or mental health support are just some of the key ingredients to providing the best education Alberta children can receive.

Our goal is to take stock of what resources Alberta children have access to on a daily basis. We know schools have to make tough decisions on where to spend their money, and we want to advocate from a place of data.

We know school administrators are busy and we thank all participants for taking the time to complete the survey. The information collected is confidential and not for individual school analysis, but to see as an entire provincial education system, where we are meeting children’s needs and where we have gaps!